Google My Business: Why You Need To Consider It When You Want a Free E-Commerce Site

Google My Business: Why You Need To Consider It When You Want a Free E-Commerce Site

For some, – maybe you included – Google is a search engine or Gmail platform. Maybe you know it as a provider of Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Others know about the BlogSpot that allows you to create free blogs and make money through Google AdSense. You may not have heard about the Google My Business. Worry not because you are on the right page.

What is Google My Business?

Like other platforms, Google understands that not all people with a desire to sell online have the ability to pay for hosting fee and buying a domain name. This cluster of budding entrepreneurs might have ideas that would transform the business arena if they have a chance to implement them.

Google My Business is a superior platform that allows this kind of people to create a free e-commerce website and list their products. Besides, it offers you an array of tools to enable you to update your listings and engage with your customers online without spending a dime. So, why should you consider Google My Business? Here are some reasons:

Easy and free e-commerce website creation

Well, your selling online journey should not be a hard tackle. you need a simple process that will enable you to sell your products without draining your sweat. Google understands you. With the My Business platform, you have an opportunity to create an online store for free or an e-commerce website within a length of 10 minutes. The process involves three steps which include building the website, customizing the texts to match with your business, and publishing your site with your preferred domain name. With these simple steps, your site will go live and start making sales.

Responsiveness capabilities

Google as the ranking master understands the need for a responsive website. As such, they give priority to it on this platform. Your site will be highly responsive to any screen your customers use to view it. This will guarantee you more visits and leads. Depending on your marketing skills, you can turn these leads into sales.

Cloud management of your site

Don’t have a PC or a laptop but have a smartphone? Well, do not worry. The Google My Business enables you to use your computing device to create and manage your website. So, you do not need to worry about your location as you can run your business even when on holiday.

And those are some of the benefits you earn by creating an online store for free using Google My Business.