3 Reasons Why Free E-Commerce Web Builders Can Be a Bad Idea.

3 Reasons Why Free E-Commerce Web Builders Can Be a Bad Idea.

As a startup, one option you have is creating an online store for free. This means you use free e-commerce web builders. It is understandable to use the free option considering that you are undergoing the budding stage. Financial costs and other brand-building activities consume a large part of your revenue.

As such, you do not have an alternative rather than going for a free e-commerce website. But is it a good idea for stepping in on the modern competitive arena? Or is it better to stay offline until you can raise enough cash to pay for the e-commerce website setup and hosting charges? Well, here are some 3 main reasons why you should avoid going for the free option:

Slow loading speed of your e-commerce site

As you are aware, people love free things. Also, you are not the sole small business operator struggling with raising cash for setting up an online store. To accommodate all of you, the provider offers you one disc on their server. Hence, you will be sharing disc space with other site owners experiencing your current situation.

As a result, your site will experience slow loading as the server is being overworked. With this situation, you will have high chances of losing customers. No visitor will wait for your site to load for more than a minute. Thus, losing sales will be a norm in your online store.

You don’t appear as a serious webpreneur

Most customers expect to interact with serious entrepreneurs. They want to buy products from people with evidence and commitment to their business. One way to show seriousness is by having an independent domain name. With it, you will win the customers trust and confidence. On the other hand, it is difficult to convince a customer what you are offering is of high quality while your website or online store does not reflect the same. As such, if you are seeking to drive sales through your online shop, raise the hosting and set up charges instead of going for the freemiums.

High restrictions

When operating a business in free space, you rely on the owner’s mercy. If they decide to use the space tomorrow, you do not have an alternative than to vacate. Doing so affects you and your customers particularly when there was no prior notice. With the free e-commerce website builders, the same principle applies. The provider can decide to shut down your site, and you won’t have otherwise. Hence, if you need to have a regular business, consider the paid options.